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How to Choose a Quality Baby High Dining Chair


In terms of safety: whether it meets the national safety standards, China released the "Test Methods for Safety Performance of Children's High Chairs" GB/T 22793-2022 on April 15, 2022 and officially implemented it on November 1.

When purchasing a Baby High Dining Chair, you can check whether the product meets the corresponding standards. For imported products, you can ask whether it meets the American ASTM F404-21 and the European Union's standards.

According to the EN 14988:2017 standard, they have made corresponding regulations on the safety of baby seats, such as material and stability, and it is more assured to buy a safety seat that meets the standards.

At the same time, we also check the safety of the Baby High Dining Chair. The main components that determine safety are: the five-point safety belt in the safety restraint system, the wheels are locked in place or no wheels at all, and whether the hip post between the two legs is secure , In addition, for folding chairs, check every time you install it, and double check that it is locked.

In terms of comfort, different families have different requirements, we can consider the following aspects:

1. Whether the tray is easy to remove, firm and will not be touched by children. The removable tray is easier to clean.

2. Is the height of the seat adjustable? Adjusting the height of the seat can allow children to better participate in eating together.

3. Whether the pedals can be adjusted: When the child is older, it will be more convenient to adjust the pedals to avoid comfort. In addition, the adjustable pedals can also prevent the child from standing on the pedals (tied with a seat belt can also prevent standing on the pedals) superior.)

4. Whether with wheels: wheels can be easily moved, but may be unstable. Our country's standard requires that there are no more than 2 wheels, to ensure that the wheels can be locked, it is recommended to buy a high chair without wheels.

5. Assess the seat cover: A durable seat cover should feel solid, making sure the seams of the seat cover won't scratch your baby's legs. Seat covers should be easy to wipe clean or machine washable. Too many seams or decorative stitching or piping can add to the hassle of keeping the seat cushion clean. Rubber or foam seat pads are easier to keep clean.

6. Watch for rough edges: Check the bottom of the feeding tray and the edges of the seating area, including armrests and seat backs. Make sure nothing is sharp. Avoid high chairs with small holes or hinges that can pinch little fingers.

7. Check Small Parts: Check before use and periodically while the chair is in use to make sure the cap or plug covering the end of the metal tube is securely in place and the label, sticker or tag is securely attached. Check that all fasteners are tight. Choking hazard from parts small enough for children to swallow or inhale

Finally, use the Baby High Dinning Chair correctly:

1. Make sure your child can only sit in a chair. Do not make them kneel or stand.

2. Make sure the chair has restraint straps. Buckle the straps as soon as the child is seated in the chair and never use the tray as a restraint.

3. Do not allow older children to stand on or play in a high chair.

4. Keep the chair away from hot surfaces.

5. Make sure the chair is away from areas where children can push it away, such as counters, tables, or walls.

6. Always ensure the firmness of the chair. You can shake the chair frequently to check whether it is stable.

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