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How to use Semi-dry Water Colors


Semi-dry Water Colors, as the name suggests, are pigments sold by manufacturers in a semi-dry form, the most common of which are standard block watercolors in plastic boxes. Let's take a look at how to use Semi-dry Water Colors!

Blocky watercolor paints are actually semi-dry and contain things like glycerin. If it is a good watercolor paint, we can easily get rich colors with a wet pen.

Watercolor paint has resolubility, so some people think that watercolor is a game with water, so it is very important to practice color and water. Generally, when painting with watercolors, the basic rule of first light and then dark will be followed. So what are the differences between different painting methods?

1. Dry and wet painting method: It is not difficult to see that the two colors will blend together when wet painting; while dry painting, the color will be more full.

2. Smudge, stitch, superimpose

3. Material aids: salt, paper towels

Salt can make watercolors spread like snowflakes; paper towels can directly wipe out smoky colors.

Finally, we must also pay attention to keeping the light-colored pigments pure, and clean the pen after each painting, so as not to cause trouble when painting next time. The variegated colors on the solid pigment can be wiped off with a clean brush, and must be dried afterwards to avoid cracking or mildew.

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