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What Are the Methods of UV Coating?


1. Roller coating

The roller coating device is used to transfer the varnish to the surface of the carton. The coating amount and pressure of the coating unit are controlled by the printing machine control center. When working in the form of three roller reverse operation, the coating roller and the bucket roller operate in reverse to obtain the coating film layer with good brightness. At the same time, when using the high viscosity coating solution, it is not necessary to increase the pressure between the rollers to achieve thin and uniform coating. The roller coating device has the advantages of short transmission route, less contact points, less drying of the coating solution, uniform transmission of the coating solution, simple and convenient operation, etc.

Such as our overall coating machine: Automatic Single Head UV Coating Machine


2. Scraper type coating

Closed type ink scraper coating system is adopted, which is composed of ceramic anilox roller, closed type ink scraper and flexible resin coating plate roller. The main advantage of the utility model is that by selecting different ceramic anilox rollers, the coating can be completed accurately according to the required coating amount, and the coating oil can be saved; It has the functions of quickly changing anilox roll, coating and coating plate device, whole surface coating and local coating.

Such as our spot anilox roller coating machine: Automatic Spot UV Coating Machine

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