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What to pay attention to after changing the brake pads


After changing the brake pads, pay attention to:

1. In the braking of 100 to 10-20km/h each time, it is not strictly required to have a very accurate speed every time, and the braking cycle can start when the acceleration reaches about 100km/h;

2. When you brake to 10-20km/h, there is no need to keep an eye on the speedometer. Just keep your eyes on the road and make sure to pay attention to road safety. About every braking cycle, brake to about 10-20km/h h will do;

3. During these ten braking cycles, do not brake until the vehicle stops, unless you want the brake pad material to be integrated into the brake disc, thereby causing brake vibration;

4. The running-in method of the new brake pads is to use the step-by-step point brake for braking as much as possible, and do not use the sudden brake before the running-in is complete;

5. After running-in, the brake pads still need to go through hundreds of kilometers of running-in period with the brake disc to achieve the best performance. At this time, you must drive carefully to prevent accidents.

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