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8 Inch Full Color Touch Lcd Display Module


As a professional LCD display module manufacturer, Chenghao Optoelectronic has been keeping up with the times, striving to improve its technical level in the LCD field, and actively providing customers with high-quality and reliable LCD products.Today, we introduce the latest customized 8 inch full Color touch LCD display module CH800WX04A-CT developed for customers.

Firstly, let's take a look at the specifications of this module. CH800WX04A-CT has a high resolution of 1280x720, ensuring clarity and delicacy in image quality. Its color reaches 16M, presenting users with a realistic and full visual effect. In addition, a contrast of up to 800 makes the image more three-dimensional and detailed.

It is worth mentioning that the viewing angle of CH800WX04A-CT reaches 85/85/85/85, which means that regardless of which angle the user views from, they can obtain an excellent visual experience. This design has significant advantages, especially in public displays, commercial displays, and other fields, and can meet the needs of multiple people watching simultaneously.

In terms of touch technology, CH800WX04A-CT adopts advanced capacitive touch technology, which not only has sensitive and accurate touch control, but also has anti accidental touch function. The touch panel interface is I2C, making the connection with the host more stable and reliable.

In addition, the operating temperature and storage temperature of CH800WX04A-CT reached -30~+85 ℃ and -40~+90 ℃, respectively, which undoubtedly increased its adaptability in various environments. Whether in harsh winter or hot summer, this module can maintain good working condition.

In terms of appearance design, the edge size of the CH800WX04A-CT module is 203.4 * 149.4 * 6.4 mm, while the display area size is 176.64 * 99.36 mm. This ratio makes the module both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The thickness of the touch glass cover is only 0.7 mm, and the lightweight design increases the portability of the module.

In addition, CH800WX04A-CT also supports visibility under sunlight. In outdoor or brightly lit environments, users can still see the screen content clearly without worrying about the impact of sunlight. This makes the module widely applicable in outdoor billboards, navigation systems, and other applications that require exposure to sunlight.

In summary, the CH800WX04A-CT 8-inch full-color touch LCD screen module has become a highly anticipated product in the market due to its excellent performance, diverse functions, and wide application areas. Whether it is in commercial displays, public displays, or high-end facial recognition systems, CH800WX04A-CT can bring users an unprecedented visual experience and convenient operating methods. In the future field of human-computer interaction, this module will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role

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