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Application of gasoline high pressure washer in cleaning and maintenance


Application of gasoline high pressure washer in cleaning and maintenance

AIDS to navigation in a more natural environment, influenced by weathered, the wind and rain, accumulated a lot of dust on the surface marker, moss, bird droppings dirt, to ensure safe passage to exercise need regular cleaning and maintenance of AIDS to navigation, especially with the increasing improvement of the ecological environment, more and more birds on the channel of river channel buoy in the mountainous area gradually become birds temporary stopping point and habitat, This phenomenon leads to AIDS to navigation on the guano accumulation, because of guano contains a lot of uric acid and some oily substances, adhesion strong, not easy to clean, is deposited on the beacon not only effect the beauty of the AIDS to navigation, the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of channel employees at the same time, also make the beacon of light effect and stadia effect affected by a lot, make the beacon navigation efficiency.

For AIDS to navigation daily cleaning and maintenance work, often work with boat fire hydrant beacon for flushing, due to water pressure, the smaller the float, the body can not be, rinse clean the dirt on the surface of the beacon light, need artificial using tools such as mop, cloth and brush for secondary cleaning, again for a second, after cleaning with fire water for final rinse. The daily cleaning of navigational markers in this way not only has high labor intensity and low work efficiency, but also needs to install extra pedals when cleaning the oily stains and the navigational markers with large volume, which has certain safety risks.

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