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Diesel pressure washer industry has developed rapidly


Pressure cleaning machine refers to the equipment that produces high-pressure water by high-pressure plunger pump to wash the surface of objects. It can use high-pressure impulse to peel off dirt and achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of objects. It is one of the most environmentally friendly, economic and scientific cleaning methods recognized in the world. According to the application scenario, the pressure washer can be divided into household, commercial and industrial use; According to the pressure, it can be divided into motor driven high pressure washer, gasoline engine driven high pressure washer and diesel engine driven high pressure washer.

The current high pressure cleaning machine is mainly used in automotive, medical, construction, public municipal and other fields, including automobile industry demand for high pressure cleaner, the highest occupied high pressure cleaner aggregate demand by more than 25% market share, followed by the medical field, the proportion is about 18%, came in third in construction field, 15%, municipal area accounted for 12%. Driven by new energy vehicles, China's automobile production and sales are gradually recovering, and it is expected to resume positive growth by 2022, so the domestic vehicle ownership continues to climb, and the development prospect of pressure washer industry is good.

According to the new thought world industry research center released the 2021-2025 China high pressure cleaner industry market supply and demand situation and development trend forecast report showed that as people living standard, people to constantly improve the living environment of the health requirements, high pressure cleaner has high efficiency, environmental protection, pollution-free advantages, such as application demand continued to rise in the commercial, industrial, In 2019, the global market size of pressure washer reached $3 billion, among which the developed countries in Europe and the United States have a high demand for pressure washer, accounting for more than 60% of the market, and the Asia-Pacific region accounts for only about 22%. Compare WITH EURAMERICAN DEVELOPED COUNTRY, MARKET POPULARITY RATE OF Chinese high PRESSURE WASHER IS LOWER, FUTURE MARKET HAS BIGGER DEVELOPMENT SPACE.

In the aspect of production, our high pressure cleaning machine many enterprises, but most of them are generation processing enterprises, mainly distributed in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, representative enterprises are Lvtian machinery, Yili electrical equipment, Anlu cleaning machine and so on. In the global cattle market, Germany's Kaher is currently the world's leading brand of cleaning equipment, with a relatively high market share, while Denmark's Ritsch Group has rich products, a wide range of applications, and can provide efficient customized solutions, so it has a significant competitive advantage in the world.

In terms of the development of pressure washer products, in order to adapt to the different scenarios and application needs of different customers, pressure washer products need to be diversified to improve user experience. With the continuous promotion of new energy and new technology, the pressure washer gradually develops towards automation and integration.

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