Rutile Laminated Paper Titanium Dioxide

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As a professional high quality rutile laminated paper titanium dioxidemanufacture, you can rest assured to buy rutile laminated paper titanium dioxidefrom our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. The product is a rutile titanium dioxide surface-modified by silicon, aluminum inorganic coating and organic treatment agent. The particle size distribution is uniform and moderate, and it has excellent water dispersibility, hiding power, weather resistance and other characteristics.We hope to establish friendly cooperative relationship with your company with high quality products, reasonable price, considerate service and create a better future hand in hand.

Product Descriptionof Rutile Laminated Paper Titanium Dioxide:

Molecular formulation: Ti02

Molecular weight: 79.9

Property: Specific gravity of 3.9, stable

Appearance: White powder

Quality Standard

The product index shall be subject to the test report

Quality IndexQuality Requirements
Surface Treatmentzirconium, aluminum
Oil absorption,g/100g-
L value≥97.50
b value≤2.00
Color reduction,%≥105
Sieve residue(45um),%≤0.02

Uses: It can be applied to water-based systems such as papermaking, water-based coatings (especially interior and exterior wall latex paints, etc.) and water-based inks that require high water dispersibility.

Packaging: Plastic-lined composite woven bag, net weight 25kg.

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